The reason why we at WINNIE WITT fashion is because we believe that fashion enriches our daily lives. We seek to partner with vendors who share the same value of sustainability and responsibility. We hope to increase awareness of human rights and environmental issues through our designs and we embed love and passion into every single item we design and produce.


We feed love and passion into every single item we design and produce. We are constantly exploring better materials that are safe and non-toxic to produce our products. We hope to spread this message to as many consumers as we can to promote change for a better world.


An essential part of our vision is to put sustainability. Each of our products is a result of love and labor, meticulously sewn, and carefully finished by hand. The unique patterns and materials that are used in the manufacturing process mean that no two pieces will be exactly alike. Therefore, differences should not be considered imperfections. We guarantee uniqueness in all products.


We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by recycling with zero waste. Our products are properly designed so that we use high-quality stock fabrics from the factories to avoid waste and extra treatments.

During the pandemic, we used textile scraps to make masks and donate to healthcare workers and people in need of both the East and West Coasts.


Over 70% of our cutting and sewing is done in New Jersey, supporting local businesses in the US. And we manufacture the majority of our products in Hong Kong. We always use the same sustainable standards and materials to reduce waste.


The process of dying and washing garments utilizes a lot of water and energy and involves harmful chemicals. It is one of the main causes of global warming. Research says a single garment in a domestic washing machine gives off around 1900 individual fibers, which can end up in our oceans. When we design the collections, we seek out fabrics that are either pre-printed or we would create prints by using Eco-friendly methods, such as using natural dye materials for the treatments.


At the moment, we have 100% compostable inner bags that are made of bio-based materials. We also have 100% recycled mailer paper bags and plant-based with biodegradable mailer bags that allow the bag to break down in landfills within six months.


COVID19 has brought a lot of change to each of us and our medical system is beyond overwhelming. To prevent transmission, it is strongly recommended or required in most states for everyone to have face coverings. However, there is a shortage of protective personal equipment (PPE), including masks for healthcare and essential workers. We spoke to some workers, and some report they have been using the same masks for multiple days. By wearing cloth masks over surgical masks, workers can prolong the life of their masks. 


10% of your purchase will go towards our mask-making project, where we make and donate high-quality, sustainable masks for social workers, doctors, nurses, and other essential workers in need.

 Our goal is to help protect as many people as possible and most importantly of all, those who are putting their lives on the line for us in the United States.