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Each of our garments is finished by hand carefully, the meticulous sewing. The result of love and labor. The unique pattern, drapes, and materials that are used in the manufacturing process mean that no two pieces will be exactly alike. Like works of art, they hang upon the gallery wall that is a woman. Therefore, differences should not be considered imperfections.


We guarantee uniqueness in all products. We aspire to attract fashion lovers/ insiders who also support human rights and the environment. Our clothes approach a new way of living, a lifestyle that gives more drama to reality. The reason why we at WINNIE WITT like to pursue fashion is that we believe that fashion enhances our daily lives. Our clothes are properly designed, using stock fabrics that have already been made from the factories to avoid extra treatments, we say no to sweatshops and avoid any non-environment friendly and toxically color dyed materials to produce our clothes. Our prices are marked based on our profits of the cost to produce the garments; our profits are not based on how much we spend on marketing and branding. We love our team and the people who work for us. We feed love and passion into every single item we design and produce. We hope to spread this message to as many consumers as we can to promote change for a better world.

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